Because we care!

We have dedicated the last 10 years to bringing the highest performance digital dental imaging services on the Timisoara market. We whole-heartedly wish that those patients that cross our threshold receive an experience that is pleasant, safe and quick.

A large portion of our time is invested in research, in order to find the highest-performance solutions and equipment, but also to professionally develop the staff that performs your investigations. The only pathway that we know is performance. That is why you can always call on us with confidence, knowing that you will get the highest-quality services and products. That is the promise that we made to you, starting from the first day, that we do not deviate from.

Who are we?

The digital dental radiology practice that managed to reach outstanding results through reliability, professionalism and continuous professional development.

What are we doing?

We adapt to the requirements of physicians through innovation and precision. We offer a complete flow of digital dental services, from planning and up to the completion of the final prosthetic pieces.

What makes us different?

The desire for continuous performance. We dedicate a large part of our time to research, to always find the best solutions and the highest-performance equipment.


With over 10 years of tradition on the Timisoara market, the DentaVis Digital Dental Radiology Centres have distinguished themselves through the quality of services, the highest-performance equipment, professionalism, highly qualified and friendly staff, and an enjoyable, homely atmosphere.
The safety, health and satisfaction of our patients are a priority; therefore we have chosen to use high-performance equipment, with the lowest dose of radiation (90% lower than in the case of conventional radiologic equipment).
The wide range of services that we offer gives the collaborating physicians the possibility of working with diverse and qualitative investigations, to increase diagnosis and treatment accuracy, all these aspects showing advantages towards both the physician and the patient. We have recently launched a range of avant-garde services, comprised of surgical guides, 3D imprinted dental models, invisible mouth guards, all of these being produced in-house.
In order to be nearer to patients and physicians, you can contact us in any of our locations, all our practices are provided with the same equipment, including 3D CBCT computed tomography.

Medical team

Tudericiu Vlad
General Manager

Șopterean Cătălin
Tehnical Manager

Rus Tabita
 Medical Manager

Damoc Alexandra
DentaVis Center 1 Manager

Rus Amelia
DentaVis Center 2 Manager

Vaidean Adrian
DentaVis Center 3 Manager

Oprea Lavinia
DentaVis Center 4 Manager

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